Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No, it wasn't a dream, we're really back at school

Today is Tuesday, September 1st and the C&W has your back.

Weather: Should be much like yesterday, sunny and reaching just in to the 70's by day, clear and dipping all the way in to the high 50's by night. OK weather, we get it, it's not summer anymore, but we don't need this 50 crap just yet.

Temple Today highlights:

H1N1 (swine) flu update from Student Health Services:

Guess who's backkk??? Are we still talking about this swine flu thing? Let's break this update down.

- Don't be gross and not wash your hands. Also, don't be gross and sneeze on people
-If you feel sick, use a thermometer. If you're over 100, you're sick.
-If you are sick, go the hell home so you don't spread it
-If you can't go home, stay in your room and the hell away from me.
-If you begin to oink and eat garbage, you don't have swine flu, and the nice people will be here to help you shortly
-In conclusion, use common sense.

Study abroad info session at Tuttleman 200, 12:30-1. Study a broad? Don't mind if I do.

Registration begins for "Swim into shape:" Sign-up in Pearson. Swim 20 miles by the end of a semester, and get a free t-shirt. OR steal people's clothing while they swim 20 miles, and receive more than one free t-shirt. Hmmm.

Sports at home: Field hockey is taking on Rider at 3:00 p.m. at Drexel's Buckley field, making them the home team but also unlikely that anyone is actually going to go watch.

Cool, check back later today for more updates

And don't forget to pick up Temple News' first edition of the year.

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