Monday, September 14, 2009

Die Monday, die.

And Mundayy isss ovaaa.

First, check out the Temple Times' spotlight for their links to the stories on Temple's new development plan. Called Temple 2020, the plan is to restructure campus in the next ten years. The plan is to tear down Barton(after a new sciences building is built on the dirt lot next to Kardon) and make it a large green space in the center of campus. Another significant part of the plan is to build up campus around Broad Street, in order to revitalize that part of campus and show Temple off to drivers. A new library, said to be the center of academics on campus, along with a new student center and high-rise dorm building will be the showcases on Broad Street. No word yet on what will be torn down to make space, but something tells us Peabody and the founder's garden will be first on the chopping block. In addition, the plan has generalized statements that there will be more recreational facilities around campus.

It seems to us that the idea of making Broad Street, and the entire campus, more fun and beautiful is to get students the hell out of the neighborhoods and give them something to do besides partying. Not a bad idea considering how much trouble we've had with the local communities over the past few years. Nothing can be sure until a capacity of the new dorm is released, but if it truly is a high-rise, and coupled with a new Edge-like apartment building planned for behind Avenue North, it seems that the University is taking steps in the right direction. Now, about how we're going to pay for this? Photo taken from Cherry and What? Helicopter.

In other news, cupcakes! Courtesy of the BAC.

Also, anyone need to stay up late tonight? Well just go outside to your nearest campus walkway and scoop up all of the no-doz laying around the ground after an oh so successful hand-out blitz by their reps today. And you think the squirrels are bad now? Just wait til they get a hold of this shit overnight.

Check out this article all the way from the LA times that lists Temple prof Jena Osmon as a winner of the National Poetry Series' manuscript competition. Now she gets published, way to go Prof Osmon!

That's all, sorry for the late post, see ya in the morning!

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