Thursday, September 17, 2009

Announcing the "It's Always Sunny at Temple" contest

So the C&W gang attended a live showing of "The Night Man Cometh," the hit episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and it was hilarious... we didn't have the best seats so the photos/videos didn't come out too well, but here are a few shots. The last is of a group on the subway on city hall, not us, and boy was it awkward given the other subway goers, who obviously are not big fans of the show.

So anyways, at the show they showed a brand new episode from the upcoming season, featuring the gang attending a frat party at....UPenn. Boo. But it got us thinking, what would the gang do at Temple? Enter our contest. We want video submissions from you guys, no more than 10 minutes long, showing you and your gang doing a sunny-esque plot at Temple. To the winners goes this: a season 4 DVD signed by the entire gang (Ya it's real) plus whatever other shit we feel like tacking on.

To review: -Video submission no more than 10 minutes
-Basically a mini episode of a sunny-esque plot at Temple, but you don't need to pretend you're them
-We'll pick our favorite 3, then put them on the site so that you all can have the final vote
-Winner gets the autographed season 4 DVD plus other good shit
- Deadline is first 10 entries, or Halloween, whichever comes first.

Get filming!

Oh yea, in other news, the Owls are probably going to get their asses whooped this Saturday.

See ya tomorrow!

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