Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...god damn it, how high is this hump??

Weather: High 70's and cloudy by day, low 70's with a chance of rain after 5.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Temple university continues to provide free drugs, now they're just gonna make us travel for it. From 8-12 today, flu shots are available at the Health Sciences Center. So smart, knowing that college kids won't travel anywhere for anything.

Back to back theater troupe putting on a thingy at the Underground at 1 p.m. An "internationally-known" theater group capable of "award-winning performances" driven by "eight actors with intellectual abilities." Well that sounds interesting.

"Major dreams: how to choose a major that excites you." 220 Mitten Hall at 4. Says it's going to choose a major for us based on our values and interests and stuff. "Well young man, if drinking beer and eating food was a major here, that would be the one for you, but it isn't so you should probably just major in communications."

IBC body composition: 11:30-1:30. This is a semester program that challenges you to lose fat and put on lean muscle. If you complete this mission, you are entered to win a super secret grand prize, which is probably just your ab muscles.

SPORTS!!: Men's soccer taking on Upenn at Ambler at 3:30, and field hockey is at Drexel at 7.

We're also cooking up a pretty important report on underage drinking on campus, so be sure to check back right around 5 for that.

Now go conquer humpday!

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Anonymous said...

can we get updated most influential students on campus rankings? so many of them have graduated