Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Interview with Interfraternal Council president Tn Ngo

So this week and next are the official "rush weeks" for the eight fraternities of the IFC. We recently gave IFC president Tn Ngo a chance to answer some questions and boost cred for Greek life. We'll let you be the judge.

C&W: So what is the IFC?

Ngo: The IFC is the Interfraternal Council, which is the governing board of all the NIC fraternities represented on campus. We deal alot with rush, fraternity relations and programs to better suit the need of Greek Life on campus. To learn more about us check out our website at www.templeifc.com

C&W: And what's the dil' with rush?

Ngo: IFC fraternity rush is non-binding and is a memorable endeavor in and of itself. The many benefits offered by this event, both tangible and intangible, make it one of the most worthwhile opportunities presented to prospective men during their time here. Having the chance to meet new people, both fellow rushees and fraternity men, while enjoying social events, trips, and activities, makes fraternity rush a remarkable experience. It's generally a two week process and towards the end of the second week, the prospective rush may be offered a bid to start the first process to become part of the fraternity.

C&W: I'm an average, self-respecting dude. Why the hell would I pledge a fraternity?

Ngo: Well first and foremost, a fraternity really molds the person into a better leader and friend. Fraternity values teaches young men to learn to respect others and your own self. It's really an eye opener since it will help you learn more about yourself than you will ever have. Secondly, pledging is really the start of being in the fraternity. The people you pledge with will truly become your best friends. You will learn so much about each other, it will seem as if you've known each other forever. And to answer your first statement, I'm a self-respecting dude too, maybe even a better one since I've learned so much through my own fraternity.

C&W: But don't I have to like, get paddled and do the elephant walk and crap?

Ngo: No, a lot of what you hear aren't true. The hazing culture you've seen in movies such as Animal House, have deteriorated and have not been in existence for a long while. The fraternities you see today are more about building better men, leaders, standards, connections, the social aspect and the brotherly bond all fraternity men stand for.

C&W: Honestly, and we mean honestly, what are the biggest benefits to Temple of having Greek life?

Ngo: Although we are not more than 2% population of 30,000+ students, we are responsible for about 85% of the programs, events, community services and leadership this campus sees on a daily basis. If we didn't have Greek Life on campus, I don't think the campus would be as vibrant as it would be today.

C&W: Putting you on the spot, who throws the best parties?

Ngo: I'm more of a bar person.

C&W: Good answer.

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