Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Later Tuesday

Can you say...slow news day?

If not, it's cool, because we can: slow news day.

Just a few things worth noting:

Check out this article from the Temple Times about Temple's Computer Recycling Center. Essentially, it's a center that collects all of Temple's old computers, monitors, and other assorted junk and recycles or resells it back to students for dirt cheap, to the tune of 26,000 items since 2003. We would know, since the computer being used to write this post right now was purchased less than a week ago for $75 dollars after a laptop jacking. (HP desktop, 80 gig hard drive, 1 gig ram, 3.0 processor, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, runs smoother than the $600 laptop did) Also purchased was a $10 overhead projector, which now projects the drink selection at parties.

Anyways, it really is a great program and one of the best things Temple has done in terms of going green, and now it's receiving national recognition. In fact, other Universities are coming to us to figure out how we do it. To check out their selection of stuff, visit http://crc.temple.edu. Keep up the good work CRC!

In other news, the Cherry Crusade is at it again! Always prepared to get to the big games, they're offering a ticket and bus transportation to and from Saturday's football game against Penn State. The downside: a $66 price tag, one dollar for every point the Lions will probably score on us. However that's not too bad considering transportation is $0, or the amount of points the Owls will probably score. Please football team, make us eat our words. Bus leaves at 5 a.m. Saturday and returns right after the game, but you need to respond to Cherry Crusade pres. Luke Butler at luke.butler@temple.edu by TONIGHT in order to guarantee a spot. But something tells us the buses won't be too full.

Also, be sure you didn't miss our interview with IFC president Tn Ngo on rushing and fraternity life at Temple University. You can find that about 3 inches \/That way\/

Which reminds us, check out this damn battle brewing on the poll, it's a back-and-forth 50/50 split between those who love and hate Temple parties. There are also a few jokesters or goodie-two-shoes. Did we even use the correct two there?

That's all folks, see you in the morning.

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