Sunday, September 20, 2009


And now for your weekend news, and it is a bit wackier than usual.

First you got a Temple student digging up a like 2,300 year old gemstone carving of Alexander the Great while studying overseas. It's like 1 of 30 in the whole world.

We really don't know what's going on with this one, but we assume it'll be interesting to some of you out there. Something about some dude who is rumored to be dating Rihanna. And he used to go to Temple. Except he's not dating Rihanna, because he's gay or something. And because gay rumors were flying around Temple, he dropped out or something. We're not gonna take the time to further investigate, but feel free to do so yourself.

Also, the BAC has got some new posts up, one about PA finally passing its budget 80 days overdue, and another about this Inquirer article commending Temple, President Hart, and the 2020 plan. We agree.

In other news, Dionte Christmas is one of three players who have a shot to fill the final two roster spots on the 76ers. The catch: the Sixers can leave those two spots open if they want. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Sports: Temple football lost to Penn State 31-6. Who would have guessed? Temple women's v-ball also lost to Penn State, twice, both by a score of 3-0. Penn State extends their NCAA record to 73 straight wins, and maintains their #1 ranking. Field hockey loses to Albany 1-0, men's soccer beats Albany 2-0, Women's soccer loses to Niagra 2-1, and men's golf played some golf.

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