Monday, August 31, 2009

Aw what a lovely first day of classes..and yea uh, 2 students got shot last month.

In our first Internet sweep of Temple news we have discovered that in that last month two Temple students have been shot in separate incidents, the first one killed and the second ending up in critical condition.

On August 17 : "Mamadou Makadji, 22, of Mali, was shot in the chest after 1 a.m. Monday in Elmwood Park, Homicide Captain James Clark said. The Temple University student died a short time later at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania." -Associated press This was in southwest philly, and the article states he was killed due to a language barrier that hindered him from communicating with his murderer.

On August 20: "Police believe Yow robbed the 24-year-old student on Aug. 20 as the student was walking along Girard Avenue near 13th Street. Yow shot the student in the stomach and stole his iPhone, police said. The student was in critical condition after the shooting but his condition has since stabilized, police said."- Inquirer Yow has been arrested.

Careful out there peeps, just give up your wallet, it ain't worth it.
In other news, today was the first day of classes and there were 2 major things we noticed...

1) As with every new year, campus is more packed than ever. The line for J and H reached all the way down to the revolving dorm doors as of 1:00 p.m. In some places, such as by the Bell tower where construction pinches space, walkways were barely capable of holding the before and after class crowds. Yay for over enrollment

2) But the weather was nice and it's syllabus week, so nobody gave a shit.

In Temple News News:

Make sure you hit the news stands tomorrow to check out the first edition of the year of the Temple News. They ran a quality, award-winning rag last year and there's no reason why this year should be any different.

Their blog, the Broad & Cecil, made a funny today as they called out Peabody's new blog, the Peabody "Palet" for a pretty awful speeling error. The image they used for extra laughs is pretty priceless (and ballsy) and worth checking out.

Sports: There were no sports today, but athletics did run a "stadium advisory" for Thursday's gridiron battle against the Wildfats. It's got a whole bunch of stuff, but bottom line is that the Phillies are playing at home too, so if you're driving, you're gonna be kind of screwed. Not a big deal for us SEPTA users, but if you're or a commuter or have family or friends coming in, might want to park up here and take pub. transportation down.

That's all for tonight, check back in the morning for your daily lookout. If you have homework to do, that really sucks.

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