Friday, September 4, 2009

Now for sale: Temple Football Season tix

Now for sale: Temple football season tix. Great location in 100 level, $1.00 each, price negotiable.

If you haven't heard, Temple blew a 10 point 4th-quarter lead and lost to division 1-AA opponent Villanova last night. It was awful. The owls were leading the entire game until a game tying TD by the Wildcats with under two minutes to play, followed by a game winning field goal at the end of regulation.

The Owls' downfall was their five turnovers, including two that setup the final Villanova TD and field goal. The last interception was the worst. Marching down the field with a 3 point lead and a minute 20 left in regulation, QB Vaughn Charlton picked up a bad snap out of the dirt. Villanova player John Dempsey then called out "here, here, i'm open, throw it to me" which Charlton did, with no Temple receiver within 10 yards. Dempsey was so surprised that Charlton fell for the oldest trick in the book that he tripped over his own two feet and fell to the grass laughing hysterically.

After the game, coach Golden attributed the loss to the Owls 450 yards of offense, scratch that, their five turnovers, and Nova coach Andy Talley attributed the win to "breaking Temple's will." Alumnus Bill Cosby was quoted as saying "bibity bobity jello pudding." Of the 27,000 fans attending, the 18,000 wearing cherry and white swore to never return to a Temple football game again and loaded into their reasonably priced cars for the short drive home. The 9,000 Nova fans, including both of their two minority students, loaded back into their beamers for the trek back outside the city. Stadium officials reported that several chairs were missing from their student section.

That was all of Temple's news yesterday.


flip the swiitch OFF... said...

Below isa blog I wroter] to mike at his website 'Temple Football Forever"


I am an eternal optimist, much like you, when it comes to Temple. I love the school very much. I have been following your blog for about a year now. I think you have done a GREAT job! I find your comments very insightful and I agree with you approx 99% of the time.

Secondly, I must say good-bye to your web site & Temple football. They say the definition of insanity is performing the same task over and over again, but expecting a different outcome. After 25 years, I finally realized it is pointless to be a Temple football fan. I came to Temple, the season after Hardin and his 17th ranked Owls team. Since that time, it has been downhill.

Watching the Villanova game, I turned and looked at my 9 year-old son. I thought to myself, do I want to set him up for a lifetime of disappointment too? Here is an amazing personal stat for me. I have been to plenty of Temple football games in the past 25 years, but I HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY SEEN THEM WIN A GAME!!!! Since the birth of my son, I have taken my son to 3 games with me. Temple on the losing end of all of them. Last night, my son & I went to the Linc, thinking that we would witness our FIRST Temple win together. Not so.

I can go on a rant about why we did not win (I am pretty good at it now). However, I finally realized it is just plain pointless to even care. There is no excuse why we lost to Villanova. In fact there was no point to even play this game. We are supposed to be Division I. To create an annual game with a sub-division team just seems like a futile proposition. Is there such a rivalry anywhere in the nation? The division I team should (in theory) beat the crap out of the sub-division team EVERY year. How is that fair? Well, only if the Division I team is a “Poser,” like Temple. I think it is just time to put this program to sleep. It has been the laughing stock of the nation for decades. Now, I think it is affecting the reputation of the school in general. I see Temple starting October as 0-3. Maybe a few wins over losing teams, but no Bowl Bid. Then next year, we lose what good player we have to graduation.

So, do I want my son to reach middle-age, like me, before he can actually witness his team to win a game? To me, this is a form of child abuse. Therefore, I am off to the store to buy a Penn State t-shirt, for him and myself.
Mike, once again, thank you for a great web site and:

Good-bye Temple Football FOREVER.

CandW said...

Damn dude, damn.

Temple Football Forever said...

that's cold, dog