Friday, September 25, 2009


Our bad.

Friday outlook:

Weather: In case you couldn't tell, definitely cooled down a little bit. Still, temperatures should reach 70 on this mostly clear day, before dropping down into the high-mid 50's by night.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Do you have TU alert? According to today's announcement, only 31% of students and 43% of employees do. So that means if I'm in a class and there's an emergency, at least a third of the class will know about it. Why pay 10 cents when the dude next to you has it? Still want it?

Environmental series seminar: This sounds like a pretty good info session, with information about how to make realistic sustainability policy changes on college campuses. Everyone who attends receives one free tree seed.

Deadline for Fulbright Scholarship: TODAY! I'm going to apply for this. Then I'm going to build a rocketship.

Other stuff: Don't forget about net night at the PAV tonight from 7-10! Those b-ball players have been getting very complacent recently, time to kick 'em off the courts.

Sports: Women's volleyball opens up A-10 play against Charlotte at 7 at McGonigle. Women's tennis opens up fall play with a tourny at Upenn that starts today.

Thursday news:

Peep this article about Al Golden, the Owls, and this weekend's opponent, the Buffalo Bulls. Did you know that Buffalo holds a 12-1 all-time record against the Owls? Did you know they beat them all thee years so far, each time pretty much knocking them out of MAC east contention? Did you know that Temple football sucks?

Speaking of Temple football, we have a little good news/bad news. The good news: former Temple football QB Adam DiMichele has been picked up by a pro team! The bad news: it's the 3-8 Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Well, I guess it beats a 9-5 desk job. I think.

Oh and the guy that designed that prison, I mean apartment building, known as the Edge on south campus has done it again! Built a weird, ugly, mess of a building, this time for Drexel.

This article, not exactly worth reading or Temple-related, discusses Chestnut Hill college's plans to revamp and build some new buildings or something. However, this quote is pretty hilarious.
"Chuck Broadbent, who lives on W. Bells Mill Road, questioned the college on its plans for the Greenfield Mansion, the only building that will remain from the current Sugarloaf campus. Broadbent complained that the previous owner, Temple University, rented out the facilities so often the noise from weddings and parties was heard practically every weekend and was unbearable."
Ooo Temple, big ol' hypocrite throwing loud parties on the weekend. Lucky for you there's no Pennsylvania wedding control board.

That's about all for the news on Thursday, we'll see ya later today for your weekender.

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Anonymous said...

This guy is an asshole. At Penn the radian also sucks. Edge is terrible. He should jump off one of them