Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursty Thursday

It's Thursday, September 3 and the C&W has your back.

Today marks the first Thursty Thursday of the 09-10 school year, and hot damn is it a good one.

Weather? Check! : 70's and sunny all day, dipping into the mid 60's and clear at night.

Football? Check! Temple football '09 kicks off tonight against those damn Vilenova Wildfats at Lincoln Financial Field. Tickets are free for Temple students by showing your ID at the booth, and Bill Cosby will be doing the coin toss, along with Mayor Nutter. Let's see if Golden can finally put together a bowl-worthy season.

Plus, tons of stuff going on on campus, highlighted in the Temple Today e-mail:

An exhibit called "crowdscapes" opens on the 10th floor of Gladfelter. The photos involved attempt to capture dynamic interactions between people in large crowds. Each picture also features a man dressed in red and white horizontal stripes that you must attempt to locate. Click on the picture at right for some fun.

Poets and writers series: Poet Linh Dinh will be reading some of his award winning poetry and literature at the center city campus at 8:00 tonight. Jocks to south philly, artsy fartsies to center city!

Go to Japan!

So that's all for this morning; enjoy the weather, enjoy the football, enjoy the poetry, but most of all...enjoy Thursty Thursday!

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