Monday, September 28, 2009

Peace out Monday

And just like that, Monday is over. Quick and painless right? Now just one more day until there is one more day until there is one more day til the weekend. We're so close!
Campus news:

What the hell was going on by the Bell Tower today? Besides free pretzels and water? It was the emergency preparedness fair, of all things. And apparently FEMA head Craig Fugate spoke about being prepared or something. Who knows, but those were some yummy pretzels.

Speaking of yummy shit, get ready for tomorrow's Temple News because they got the 2009 Lunchie awards, an annual ranking of the best grub on campus and other things such as "colorful personalities." Check out their preview post on the BAC for more info and a nice little video montage(REMIX!) of lunchers around campus.

TSG had their first state of the campus address today, and honestly, not much went on. However, they will be running shopping buses to south philly fo free, with the first one coming up Oct. 6. Wal-mart, best buy, food stores, all that jazz.

In other news, Temple researches dropped a highly publicized study today about the link between obesity and sleep apnea(slow breathing while sleeping). It returns like 23 google results go it's gotta be pretty big. The study supports the long suspected link that losing weight helps to cure sleep apnea.

Check out this ominous biz journal headline: "Stage Set for Temple University Hospital Strike." There was a union rally outside TUH today, and workers said if they didn't have their contract settled on the 30th, they will be striking on Oct. 2. Yaaayyyyyy.

There were no sports today, but peep this article about former Owl basketball standout Mark Tyndale finding himself on the Milwaukee Buck's training camp roster. Tyndale went undrafted two years ago, but wound up playing pro ball in Australia last year. Apparently the guard impressed some people, because they're giving him a chance. The article also mentions Dionte Christmas getting a chance with the 6ers and Semaj Inge playing pro ball in Iceland of all places.

Thanks for reading, see ya tomorrow.


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