Sunday, September 20, 2009

The week ahead

And just like that, another weekend of the fall semester is in the books. Fortunately, it doesn't look like the last warm one. Check this weather out!


And now for your weekly outlook


Poli sci junkies can get their fix at 1 pm tomorrow, as Dr. Nagel of UPenn comes to 914 Gladfelter to discuss how shitty the electoral college is.

Movie junkies can also get their fix tomorrow by attending the second week of the Monday night film series and watching "Standard Operating Procedure" in Tuttleman 101 at 5:15.


Senior night at the Draught Horse
, 5-7. Seniors are invited to attend and vote on the class of 2010 t-shirt. There is also a complicated process where you can stop in and get a flyer from 1938 Liacouras walk ahead of time, then present the flyer when you go, and then 10% of the money you pay goes to the class of 2010 scholarship fund. In other words, go through a long, complicated process to donate a portion of your money to a scholarship that the nerdy dude in front of you in class will win. Cuz we all know that people going to the horse at 5 on a Tuesday ain't winning shit. Yea, I'm right on that.

Wanna study abroad in Spain this spring? Well Tuesday's the deadline.

Ever lose sleep at night because you're worried about importing products from other countries for your small business? Yea, me too. Thank god they're having this workshop to teach us how.

Wiffle ball homerun derby at the Pav!! Smack some dingers!


Free flu shots from 8-12!! And you thought keg lines were bad!

This assembly says it will help teach good spending habits. Why are they having this on a college campus? They should teach this somewhere that makes more sense, like at a session of congress.

Don't know what major to do? This 4 pm workshop will tell you! It's sooo simpleee.


HIV testing from 10-2. Third time's a charm.

The weekly Cecil B. Moore farmer's market from 2-6. Get your fresh fruits and veggies from those entrepreneurial Mennonites.

Check out this discussion panel from 2:30-4 that asks the question, "Is justice just for minorities in America?" Also google "minority crime statistics" and find the answer: no.


Net night. More to come.

Sports: Wednesday: Men's soccer vs. UPennis, Ambler 3:30. Friday: women's soccer against Dayton, Ambler 6:00. Women's v-ball vs. Charlotte, 7 pm at McGonigle.

That's all for now folks, we'll see ya in the AM

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