Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, monday, monday

The date is Monday, September 21, and the C&W is tired.

Weather: High 60's into the Mid-70's and sunny by day, clear and mid 60's by night.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Free flu shots: 1) These are not swine flu shots 2)They are regular shots, they will not help prevent swine flu 3) Swine flu shots, these are not 4) Just received news that there is a huge ass line for these things in the SAC, will try and report back..reporting back: 2-hour line.

Green tip back in action: after last week's "d'uh" of a tip, the office of sustainability fires back with a good one:

Green Tip: If you must print, use recycled paper: Compared to using virgin wood, paper made with 100 percent recycled content uses 44 percent less energy, produces 38 percent less greenhouse gas emissions, 41 percent less particulate emissions, 50 percent less wastewater, 49 percent less solid waste... and 100 percent less wood.

Monday night film series: "Standard Operating Procedure" in Tuttleman 101 at 5:15.

A poli sci prof from Upenn talks about the awfulness of the Electoral college at 1 in Gladfelter 914.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you guys ever mention Sorority Recruitment this week?

CandW said...

1) Ever implies that we have been in existence for more than 1 sorority recruitment week, which is not the case because this is the first

2)We are in the works of getting something about this up very soon, we're talking to Jade!