Sunday, September 13, 2009

The week ahead

So after syllabus week and a 4-day week, we finally arrive at the first pain in the ass Monday. Let's pause for a little inspirational mood-lightener.

Now, where were we.

Oh yea, your weekend news. Well there wasn't much, but it's mostly good.

This article mentions that Temple didn't have any "summer-melt," or losing students over the summer. This is particularly surprising for Temple because of both the economy and all of the tuition non-sense. Also a funny quote in this article: Villanova's $50,000 price tag.

In sports, the women's teams kicked some ass. The women's field hockey team overcame a 2 goal 2nd half deficit to beat Rutgers 4-3. The women's soccer team won 4-3 in second overtime over Albany. And the men's soccer team got spanked by Old Dominion 4-nil.

Weather (thanks!):

Now for your weekly lookout.


The Monday night film series begins today at 5:15 in Tuttleman 101. This week's movie: Pineapple express.

Tuesday: Nothing. Seriously, look. Nothing.


Study abroad info session at 1221 Anderson. Geez, this is like the 10th one this year. I wonder if people aren't going overseas for any particular reason? Oh yea, the recession.


The weekly HIV testing from 10-2 in Mitten hall. Sleep with any funky people this weekend?

"Diversity workshop: teaching, not cloning" In the TECH 111 from 11-12:30. If you want to talk about diversity at Temple, which I'm sure is keeping many of us up at night, this is the place to do it. I wonder if that crazy dude from the Belltower will mistakenly show up with anti-cloning signs?

"Avoid the freshman 15" at the IBC from 6:30-8:30. Or read this next sentence: Go to the gym, don't eat 4th meal, and only attend parties that serve light beer. Which is great, because every party has natty light.

Women's volleyball vs. Penn State at McGonigle, 7 pm. Uh, isn't Penn state like, real good?

3 v. 3 b-ball tourney at the Pav. Wanna get schooled?


Welcome back luau at the practice football fields. 5-9. Erm, what?

And of course every one's favorite: net night at the Pav from 7-10.

That's all for now, we'll see ya tomorrow.

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