Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anddd we're back.

Word to the wise Owl: Don't leave your laptop sitting on the couch of your first floor living room, especially if you live with roommates who leave the front door unlocked. D'oh.

However, not even a thief can stop the Cherry & What. It's now back, operating from an old, shitty laptop with half the screen missing, as you can see here.

And now for the backlog of news:

Temple is a new prized colony of the ever-growing Google empire. Google apps education edition, from what we can gather, is a set of tools used at education institutions; read our switch to g-mail last year. Also, we apparently have 70,000 students. Damn, that's why J&H has lines out the ass.

Beasley school of law is also kicking some ass as they received a 1.3 million grant to create courses and bad-guy, lending-predator fighting "opportunities."

Not to be outdone, the SCT also makes news through its Media Education Lab. There will be a seminar titled the Sports and Media professional development session on September 19 to discuss the sports world and how it affects youth. Did you know 66% of black kids between the ages of 13-18 think they're going to be a professional athlete? Yea, necessary seminar.

Think your off-campus housing is tiny? Check out these people in Japan, including a freshman at Temple University's Japan campus, seen here in his wonderful apartment. 2.5 meters, that's like 12 feet right?

Also, head on over to the Temple News as they have their second issue of the year out in print and on the web, and it's a good one. By the way...they're Sudokuing.

And now for your weekly(3-day) outlook:

Weather: Remember those warm, sunny days last week? Yea, well they're gone, at least til next Monday. Wednesday: 68/62 showers. Thurs: 65/62 rainy. Fri: 74/64 showers.

Estudio en Espana. Or something like that.

Want to be a business entrepreneur??? Who doesn't! However, separate the motivated from the lazy by attending this seminar at Fox.

Free classic music! Come see Yu-Wen Chen's master's recital featuring Bach, Mozart, Bartok and Chopin. That's right, they're coming back from the grave just for this!

Go bowling! In your pajamas! MCPB puts on a good one, $5 gets you bus transportation, unlimited soft drinks, and many rounds of bowling. Departs from the SAC at 8:30. Down side: it's in Jersey.

"3rd Annual Temple Premodern Studies Colloquium:On the Undeadness of the King's Two Bodies Conference"
Joe Pinto is coming!! Joe who? Joe Pinto, you know, the General Mills guy! Yea!...

And that'll do it, we'll see ya in the morning!


Stover said...

"Four Premodern People Talk for the Third Time in Three Years about a Bisected King Who May or May Not be Dead."

CandW said...

Hahaha well that's a different way of saying it but still have no idea what the hell it actually is!