Thursday, September 17, 2009


Oh Thursty Thirsday, we love you so.

Weather: Definitely cooling off. Mid 60's and mostly cloudy by day, dipping into the 50's and clear by night.

Got quite a few good things coming off from the Temple Today:

First, if you haven't heard of or seen the Thursday afternoon Cecil B. Moore farmer's market, ya have to check it out. It runs from 2-6 at Park Walk and Cecil B. (just keep heading south on Liacouras walk, past Montgomery and ritter) and offers lots of fresh, local fruits and veggies from don on da fa'm. Your source for good food until the grocery store is finished. Image yanked from the Temple Times.

"Stroke: A Woman's Worst Enemy: 12-1 p.m. Mitten Hall, room 250. This brown bag lunch session will focus on stroke and its causes, how to assess risk and take action. Registration not required, but is suggested. Register online."
Brown bag lunch session? I'm not sure if it's a leading cause of stroke but eating brown bags does not sound healthy. (bud dun, chhh)

Avoiding the freshman 15 at the IBC from 6:30-8:30. "This is a gym, you come here and use those things over there. They're called exercise machines. They help you keep in shape. Uh, anybody else know what to do with the next hour and 59 minutes?"

Today is also the last day to register for the Time Out Respite program, which is not putting kids in the corner, it's helping old people. Flexible hours, $8 bucks an hour, resume builder, and who knows, maybe you'll get Bob Barker and he'll tip you a Benjamin or something. Could happen.

From, Mos Def is in concert tonight with Talib Kweli at the electric factory. Tix are $35 and still available online.

That's all for now, we'll catch ya later today.

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