Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Night News

Day numero dos of the 09-10 school year is in the history books. By now you've been to most of if not all of your classes, and have pretty much gauged the easiness/quirkiness/hotness of your courses, professors, and classmates. Let the musical chairs of adding and dropping begin.

It was also a relatively slow news day, and there are just a few things to add.

Weather: gorgeous, get ready for more.

Union contract: temporarily resolved, according to this Inquirer article. A temporary pact has been formed that would create a contract that lasts through 2012, as long as the board of trustees and union pass it in votes this month. First, we get the $175 million. Then, we have internal peace. The sun shines brightly on Temple. Now if we can only beat 'Nova....

Oh wait, never mind, there is still the housing issue. Peep this metro article about how everybody's favorite city council rep. Darrell Clarke is back in the political war room drawing up new legislative plans to track Temple students and their vehicles in Yorktown, the area south of Cecil B. Moore. "“It’s our home. It’s a heritage. We’re trying to preserve our little suburb in the city,” says resident Pam Pendleton-Smith. "And we're students trying to go to school in the middle of what is essentially a warzone, and would like to live in a neighborhood where do don't get shot. Oh yes, we also provide the oasis in an otherwise bleak section of Philadelphia." says C&W.

In sports, Camels has finally gotten rid of his hump and the field hockey team played a game that was never updated on the athletics website, but when it is can be found here.

Thanks for reading fellow night owls, check back en la manana.

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