Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anddd humpdayy issss....over!

Later first humpday!

Tonight's big story is the attempted abduction of 20-year-old female student in center city. The unidentified student was leaving class when a man asked her to help with his child seat, and then pushed her into his van. Apparently the dumb ass didn't think about the fact that she could just open the door and run out at the first traffic light...which is exactly what she did. The university sent out an advisory(which identified her as 21) that basically said be aware of your surroundings..and if a stranger tries to talk to you, don't do shit. Done and done. The BAC was on it as well. 2 shootings and now this...mothers of freshman student, commence freaking

In other news, the Temple News has uploaded a bunch of content to their site so if you haven't gotten a chance to pick up a paper copy yet, check it out.

In feathery news, apparently Temple is now in the sights of a local animal rights group, the Humane League of Philadelphia. The HLP convinced West Chester University to buy chicken products from farms that don't cage the birds, and now they want Temple next. According to the article, cages limit the chicken's ability to raise its wings in the cage and other stuff. In other words, they want to give the chicken we eat more personal space than we have when we eat it at J and H. Where's our humane league?

No sports tonight, but check out the totally rad new version of Rad dude, radddddd.

See ya in the morning!

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