Monday, November 9, 2009

Interview with TSG allocations chair Natalie Ramos-Castillo

You probably don't know this, but $45 of your tuition is plucked every semester to go into a large pot-$100,000 to be exact- that is redistributed to student organizations on campus. What you also probably doesn't know is that this redistribution is overseen by junior Temple student Natalie Ramos-Castillo and her TSG allocations committee. We think those numbers warrant a little one on one interview with the college Senator, to find out more about what she does.

: So you're the allocations chair for TSG, huh? What the hell is that?

Ramos-Castillo: Allocations chair oversees the GAF money that is distributed to organizations on campus. GAF money comes from the General Activities Fee which is split between different departments on campus like the sports teams and such.

C&W: So how much money does your committee allocate a semester?

Ramos-Castillo: We were given $100,000 for the entire year. I want to allocate about $45,000 this semester and $55,000 next semester.

C&W: Can we have some?

Ramos-Castillo: No, sorry, only if you were a registered organization.

C&W: So that money technically comes from the pocket of Temple students right?

Ramos-Castillo: Yes, technically... most probably parent's pockets. It comes out of the General Activities Fee, the $45 every student pays per semester.

C&W: What would you say is the best thing that money is spent on?

Ramos-Castillo: There are a few things that are the "best thing[s]" money is spent on. Events on campus that fund raise for outside nonprofits like the Cancer Society or raising money for organizations to sponsor children. Conferences and Competitions because we send student organizations out to represent Temple University which brings a good name on behalf of Temple University.

C&W: What would you say is the most wasteful?

Ramos-Castillo: The Allocations committee will not fund events where money is wasted. The most wasteful thing in Allocations is when organizations do not use allocations. When organizations do not use allocations, the budget gets cut. From last year to this year our budget was cut $30,000. That is almost a semester's worth of events. Student organizations should use this money because it is put aside for them and the events they hold on campus.

C&W: Do you ever get tempted to just take some of that money and buy an entire Wine & Spirits?

Ramos-Castillo: No, because it is against the Allocations Guidelines; Article 2 Section 3.5 "A. funding can not be used to buy alcohol B. any event and/or location where alcohol is present or served, even if the group did not request funding for said alcohol". Maybe if you read the guidelines, you'd know!

C&W: Anything else you'd like to say to the people?

Ramos-Castillo: Check out the to see events that are happening on campus. Free food may be included... that's always a plus!


Colin said...

Haha I loved the "Wine & Spirits" question. You should update yourself on the guidelines... Good interview!

LonelyStoner said...

I heard Ramos-Castillo was a Socialist a la Barack Obama. Can the libertarians be funded to purchase guns to protect our freedoms with this money?

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