Tuesday, November 10, 2009

See you next week Monday

(Insert a big news story here)

Well wasn't that some crazy news! In other stuff, Bob Dylan came to Temple tonight! Haven't heard any reports yet, but we predict he sounds like he does on your itunes, except 30 years older.

Did you know Temple students are entrepreneurial? You know, it's what sets us apart from the Penn kids who already have money to roll around in and the Penn State kids who think that liquidation is just something you do while tailgating. Tonight's example: Chi-Chi Enigwe, the Temple alum who owns her own damn PR firm.

Not convinced? Check out this article about the comedy troupe "Secret Pants" who are getting some notoriety and met at Temple in 2004.

Oh yes, and sports. First, congrats to the soccer team for taking down #15 Charlotte in their last game of the season. The game was a perfect final note for the team's seniors, including all-American J.T. Noone.

Next, check out this Philly.com article previewing Temple men's basketball, which tips off this Friday, with the first home game coming next Friday against Siena. Head coach Fran Dunphy's tone didn't sound too promising. The gist? A lot of the team doesn't work hard enough and he doesn't know what the team's identity is. Good thing they only have the toughest non-con schedule in the nation. Oh boy.


Anonymous said...

first men's basketball game at home is next saturday, not friday.

LonleyStoner said...

Anyone wanna get high on Friday for the mens opener?