Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursty Thirsday

It's Thursday, November 12, and the C&W has your back.

Weather: High 40's and rainy, all day and all night. Well that sucks.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

12-3: Who wants some more veggies? Temple community gardens will be selling some of that green stuff in the SAC today to help out a local non-profit. And, ya know, your health too. We heard asparagus goes great with beer.

1:30: Temple puts the "fun" into Umfundalai Dance Technique. Check out this presentation from the dance school chair in Rock Hall to learn all about this style of dancing.

: For the criminal justice majors out there, boy is this a panel for you. Mayor John Street, Pennsylvania Superior Court Justice Ron Castille, and former police commie Sylvester "Stallone" Johnson will be sitting down to talk about crime n' stuff.

4-5: Also for all those criminal justice majors and lawyer wannabes, some dude named Ronald Jay Cohen will be in the Klein Law Building to give a speech called "For the Love of Lawyering." Okie dokie.

8-10: Afraid of getting mugged on the street and not knowing what to do? Learn the location of and proper way to deliver a kick to the male genitals at this TUPD self-defense demonstration in the IBC.

Other good stuff:

10-2: Phi Sig grilled cheese fundraiser, friggin' awesome! Stop by Phi sig sig's house right near 15th and Diamond to pick up $1 grilled cheeses all night. "Hey Jimmy, this keg is fuckin' kicked and now we gotta walk home in the rain." "Hey yea that sucks, but at least we can go get some hot grilled cheese." "Hey yea you're right..and then we can (Dave hits head on low basement ceiling, knocked unconscious)"

That's all for now, we'll catch ya later.

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LonelyStoner said...

How can you say "High 40's and rainy" sucks? I love getting high while drinking 40's when it rains.