Monday, November 2, 2009

Wha happened?

Well didn't that just ruin the weekend. Things were wonderful at Temple University-- Halloween parties we in full force, with no signs of significant cops/undercovers, football picked up its 6th straight win, in come from behind fashion over Navy to become bowl eligible for the first time since most of us could speak, the 76ers had dispatched the NY Knicks in OT, and the Eagles had put a hurtin' on the Giants. Hell, we even got an extra hour of sleep to beat the Halloween hangovers thanks to daylight savings time (where the hell did that come from anyways)?.

All we needed to make it probably one of the better weekends ever was a series-evening win by big Joe Bla against Yankees ace C.C. Sabathia. The Yankees got the lead early but when Pedro Feliz ripped that 8th inning homerun off of Joba the Hut (does anybody else think this guy looks exactly like Turtle from entourage?) to even the score, you could feel the Fightin' Phils doing their thing. When Brad Lidge got 2 quick outs and 2 strikes on Damon, you could feel the comeback. The Phils would even things 2-2, with Cliff Lee coming to the mound the following night against Burnett, pitching on 3 days rest. Take a 3-2 lead into NY, and anything could happen.

Except of course, none of this happened. What did happen was Brad Lidge, giving up 3 runs and looking like his old Asstro self. We're not countin' the Phils out yet, never will, but god damn if we don't want his head on a platter.

However, there is a world outside of sports:

First, check out this article that discusses how the Union over at TUH is claiming Temple tried to put in a "gag-clause" in their latest contract offering. The clause essentially says that union people can't shit talk on Temple in any way, and it seems pretty shady on paper. However, the University is claiming that it just exists so that Union officials, not individual nurses or employees, can't bad mouth Temple's health systems, as they apparently did this past summer.

Next, check out this article on mental health of college kids. What's going on out there everyone, because it looks like health clinic visits on campuses nationwide are shooting through the roof. The article mentions Temple specifically, as it states that 34 of us were hospitalized last year with mental health conditions. The article goes on to make educated guesses about what is causing it--it's the economy, stupid-- and also mentions that Temple has their shit together because it operates a walk-in clinic. Take care of yourselves and remember: 4 out of 5 doctors recommends the C&W for daily stress relief.

Did you know that if you give kids more fruits and veggies, they'll eat more of them? Imagine that! That's what this study figured out, spending god knows what kind of money.

Ok back the sports: this article served as a quick reminder that the Philadelphia Kixx indoor soccer team is, in fact, playing at the Liacouras Center this year, with their home opener on Jan. 9. Also, in case you didn't hear, Temple's running back Bernard Pierce rushed for 265 yards and 2 touchdowns on Saturday, making him the third leading rusher in the country and putting him up for national player of the week honors. You can vote for him through Wednesday, so make sure you give him your support.

Finally, following in the footsteps of the men's team, women's basketball will also be hosting regional NCAA games in 2011.

Thanks for readings, and check back in a bit for your weekly outlook.

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