Monday, November 2, 2009

The week ahead.

Muundays, big time.


Today: 55/42 mostly cloudy
Tuesday: 61/35 partly cloudy
Wednesday: 52/39 partly cloudy
Thursday: 52/36 partly cloudy


12-1: Want to hear about government's role in energy policy, from gov. official Chris Ross? Of course you do, so check him out in Gladfelter 24 (no homo).

4:30-6: Temple's having a BYOBB??!? Wait a minute, that's too many B's. Turns out it's the "Be Your Own Boss Bowl" competition, where all are encouraged to form groups and come up with small business plans. Here's to hoping a bunch of drunken buffoons show up anyways.

: Need a quick-pick me up on this awful Monday? Good thing they're playing the "Executioner's Song" for the Monday night film series in Tuttleman 101. Yes, this would be sarcasm.

7:57: Oh yea, the umm Phillies are playing at Citizen's Bank Park. Hey, they had 12 win streaks of 3 games or more this season. Don't count the Fightin's out til the last out.


10-10:30: Check out this online class on Audacity from the comfort of your own house, apartment, or shitty dorm room. This will teach you the basics, and concludes with demonstrating how to strip vocals out of music to create your own karoke track. Ok, that's kinda cool.

12-1: You know that one asshole kid in every class who thinks he knows everything from Day 1, and likes to voice all of his/her wrong opinions? Well not that was can attend, but it's nice to know that the faculty are working on how to shut that kid up.

3-4: Flash fiction workshop. Basically, this teaches creative people who have no time to be creative how to be creative when they don't have much time to be creative. Got it? Tuttleman 201.

7: The undefeated Boston Celtics come to town to play the Sixers. Tickets start at $10.

Rest of the week to come.

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