Thursday, November 5, 2009

That'll do it.

Well, at least humpday's over.

The Phillies lost the World Series tonight thanks to Yankees' DH Hideki Matsui, who had a World Series record 6 rbis in NY's 7-3 win. We're not gonna gum up the blog with baseball analysis-- that's what real journalists are for-- but we will say that the saddest part of all is not being able to see these guys play until spring time. After decades of futility we are lucky to be in Philly when one of the most exciting Phillies teams of all time takes the field night in and night out at Citizen's Bank. From Raulllll's early season tear (pun intended) , to Howard's long balls (no pun intended), Werth's 8 rbi games, Chut and J-Roll connecting for spectacular double plays, Victorino being the friggin' man, Stairs sending balls into orbit, Eyre eating twinkees, Chooch speaking broken english, Charlie bobbleheading, Doobie not smiling, and Harry watching over us, we have a lot to cheer about. Be Philadelphia fans: keep your heads up, shit talk to those gloating Yankees fans that are about to populate our campus, and never forget what matters more than anything, even championships: heart. Is it April yet?

In other news, god damn it SEPTA this is getting old, and the friggin weekend is coming up in like, 24 hours. Check out this article from the Temple News to hear a lot of your classmates bitching, and rightfully so.

In other news, god damn it Pennsylvania Congress, this not passing our funds thing is getting kind of old, and we've got tuition to pay. This Temple newsroom article discusses how the state has still not approved Temple's $180 million in funds, along with the other state-related schools. They better hurry up and do it, before we vote them out of office in that election that just happened, or whatever.

Oh wait look, we found some good news: Al Golden is up for more coach of the year awards. And that reminds us, now everyone has a free schedule to go cheer on the football team tomorrow night at the Linc. That's right, they play tomorrow. I think a romping of 1-8 Miami(OH) is just what the doctor ordered for that Phillies hangover. You guys do know about Bernard Pierce right?

Thanks for reading, keep those heads up, let's see some Phillies red tomorrow. And then let's get really, really, really drunk.

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