Monday, November 9, 2009

We missed you SEPTA

It's Muunday, November 9, and the C&W has your back.

Contrary to everything we said yesterday about the SEPTA strike being long and drawn out, and despite our little photoshop image about 3 inches \/ that way, the strike is over. That's right, public transportation is up and running once again, but unfortunately, it's still a fuggin' Monday.

However, the weather is doing its part to further lift our Monday spirits, as it's going to be sunny and reach into the MID TO HIGH 60's, falling to mid 50's overnight. Ya know global warming, you're alllllrighttt.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

The University is getting some H1N1 vaccines, but they're not for youuu. The announcement says they'll only go to high risk people, which probably means girls who are pregnant or expecting to be pregnant (but not girls you expect will get pregnant), people who have a chronic illness, and everyone in the President's office.

8:30-12: Tired, Ambler students? Get a free cupajoe and maybe like a bagel or something in Bright hall lobby.

10-2: Is your calling to dress up as Mickey or Minnie mouse and walk around Disney World? Well stop dreaming and head over to the Disney representatives table in the lobby of Tuttleman. Ha-hyuk.

5:30: This week's monday night film series movie is something called "Party Monster," a 1997 film directed by the great Fenton Bailey. Who else?

Other stuff:

Someone named Bob Dylan is coming to the Liacouras Center tonight? Not really sure what that's about... wasn't he in that band The Wallflowers or something?

7: The upstart Phoenix Suns come to the Wachovia Center tonight to play the 76ers, and as always, ticket starts as low as $10.


Anonymous said...

Nobody cried when Gov Rendell the Crock and the rest of the Pennsylvania legislature held a top secret 2am meeting to vote for a pay raise for themselves.

CandW said...

We cried