Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SEPTA Strike on a Sunny Day

Weather: And the sun shines on Philadelphia today. Expect clear skies with temps even breaking into 60 right around 2 pm.

Oh and um, SEPTA is on strike. Yea, that would mean no subways, and most trolleys and buses are shutdown. Students who escaped the grime of North Philly for the more "interesting" living in southerly neighborhoods collectively groan.

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

10-10:30: Online audacity seminar: Ever wish you could strip the vocals out of your favorite songs so you could sing karaoke like an idiot from the comfort of your own bedroom? This freebie will teach you how to use Audacity to do just that.

3-4: For all those full time creative writers out there, good luck making money. For all those people who like to creatively on the side, but are busy with other, money-making stuff, might want to visit this workshop in Tuttleman 201. Learn how to write "short short stories," which are probably infinitely more interesting than clever tweets and fb updates.

Other stuff:

7: Celtics at Sixers at the Wachovia Center. Starts at 10 dollas yo.

9-11:Temple's Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA) is having a little open-mic shindig at the Draught Horse where they are encouraging the musically inclined to sign-up and take the stage live, Eminem 8-mile style. More importantly, $5 rolling rock pitchers. Gotta fill the time between Phillies games somehow, right?

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