Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thirsty Thursday!

It's November 5, 2009, and yes the Phillies season is really over. Someone crack open a beer.

Weather: Sunny with temps hanging in the low 50's today, falling to low 40's overnight. This weather is why they invented hoodies.
Good stuff from the Temple Today:

First off, holy crap, props to TU on setting up a carpooling system in the midst of the SEPTA strike. Need a ride or can give a ride? Head on over to these messages boards to set something up, as many people have already started to do.

11-2: Who likes veggiesss? For all those health food nuts out there, Temple Community Gardens is having a homegrown veggie sale in the lobby of the Tyler School of Art. For everyone else, there's J and H.

12-1: Also for people going to J and H, there's this seminar in Mitten Hall 250 called "Portion Distortion". They.. sugar coat.. the purpose in the description, but it essentially is that people eat too much damn food in one sitting and need tips to stop doing that.

11-2: For those who love exploring intangible things, there's this exploring leadership seminar featuring guest speaker Sara Garonsik. She used to be the Producing Artistic Director for the Philadelphia Theater company, until she decided to change career paths and become a speaker that discusses their experiences being the Producing Artistic Director for the Philadelphia Theater Company.

7:30-Victory: Temple football vs. 1-8 Miami(OH). The Owls should continue their romp, as should Bernard Pierce against one of the worst run defenses in the country. Ah but no SEPTA, you say? TU has you covered.
"Shuttle transportation to Lincoln Financial field will be available for students. Buses will depart from the Student Center, Johnson & Hardwick and 1300 Cecil B. Moore on Main Campus, and from the Learning Center parking lot at Ambler Campus, starting at 5 p.m. All buses will return from the stadium beginning at 10 p.m."

8-10: For those who like art over football, poet Juliana Spahr will be at TUCC 222 this evening to read from her latest work, "The Transformation" which discusses a lowly caterpillar's metamorphosis into a big, beautiful butterfly. Or something like that.

Other stuff:

7:30: For the 40% of you who still like Obama, David Plouffe will be speaking at the Free Library of Philadelphia tonight. Plouffe was Obama's campaign manager last year and will be discussing his book "Audacity to Win" which reviews, well, how the hell they won. Apparently free ain't what it used to be, because it costs $7.

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