Wednesday, November 11, 2009

News/ humpday lookout

Yesterday was another slow news day for T to the emple U, but we'll throw it on anyway.

First, head over to to check out their latest edition online. Or do the old school thing and pick up one of those paper things that are scattered around campus. Speaking of technology, our pick is this article that discusses how our generation is composed mostly of whiners and needs to reevaluate our online behavior. True. That.

Still speaking of technology, this article, based on Temple research, discusses how over-texting can hurt the body in the same way improper typing can. Find yourself randomly sore in the neck or shoulders? Could be from texting. Or it could be...

Then you've got your Bob Dylan, and we finally found a review. Check this one from, which says that the ol' man put on quite a show for his age. It also says the seating was just a little more than half full. Well, guess Dylan's no Lupe Fiasco.

In sports news, just have a few articles. First, check out this article previewing Temple b-ball, which contrary to our error on Monday, starts this Saturday at the University of Delaware.

We can pretty much start categorizing stories as "Bernard Pierce" stories separate from "temple football stories" (and rightly so) as two more popped up on the google radar. Check this one from friggin' ESPN discussing BP's transition from a get-in-trouble asskicker to a gridiron ass-kicker. Then go vote for him on a freshman of the year poll at


So about this humpday thing. Well first, it's Veteran's day. Thanks veterans, you dudes rock. If you also want to say thanks to our men and women in uniform, Temple is doing a couple of thangs.

First, at 11 p.m. there is going to a ceremony honoring veterans directly outside J and H. They're gonna have the color guard, and guest speakers, and complimentary lunch for veterans, and all sorts of other good stuff.

We've also heard something about creating care-packages and letters for the troops overseas in the SAC. However, time and other important details have alluded us. We'll work on that, but if you've got the intel, feel free to post.

So you're in college, and you don't know how to research or write a paper? Well, you're probably screwed, but might as well try and learn from this 11 a.m. workshop in Tuttleman 201, which claims to be able to teach you how to do it. In 1 hour. Bring addies.

All you Ambler kids have the opportunity to go hear some sweet, sweet poetry tonight at 7, in honor of prof Bernadette McBride, who won Poet Laureate of Bucks County this year. She'll be there doing her thing, along with a few other faculty members.

Oh and, lol, Papa Roach at the Wachovia Center at 7 p.m. If you're looking for something to do tonight, this should be your last resort. Hu-hyuck.

Catch ya on the flip side.

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