Sunday, November 8, 2009

News update

So the past few days have been slow news wise, reallllly slow.

However, not slower than the SEPTA negotiations, which is currently in fourth place in a footrace with a turtle, sloth, and Drew Carey. Gov. Rendell was on hand a few days ago to try and work some of that Eddie magic, and things were looking like they might work out. According to officials, a deal was just about done on Friday night, but then the SEPTA union leaders like, changed their minds, leaving Rendell to literally say "I'm out, I got a state to run." Negotiations are pretty much dead in the water, which means off-campus Temple students will still have to scrap their way to classes for the foreseeable future. Awesome!

Hey Rendell, speaking of that state you have to run, will you help congress make up their damn minds and give TU its promised bucks already? Check out this article, written by a grown up, that reminds everyone just how ridiculous the hold-up is.

In sports, Temple football continues to roll with their seventh straight win over Miami of Ohio. This one didn't come easy, as Miami rallied from being down 31-13 to take a late 32-31 lead. However, Temple showed poise late as they kicked a winning field goal. Pierce, still kicking ass, rushed for 178 yards on the ground with 3 touchdowns, and came within 20 yards of overtaking second place in the national rushing leaders. Temple football: 7-2. Penn State football: 7-2. Lolz.

The women's field hockey team also faired well as they beat St. Hoe's 3-0 to make their first A-10 championship in six years. However, they lost to Richmond in the title game, but the tournament was still a strong finish to the season.

In other sports, women's volleyball came up with a nice 3-1 victory over La Salle, but the men's soccer team laid an egg to lose to St. Louis 0-1. However, soccer avoids being the only debbie downer of the weekend through this article on All-American J.T. Noone, who besides being a kick-ass soccer player, also like, speaks French, goes on ambassador missions, and has a high GPA. Oh, and he's humble too. Hoot hoot.

That's all for now, we'll catch ya tomorrow for the weekly outlook.

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