Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Later Tuesday

So in case you didn't hear, Septa like, went on strike at 3 am this morning, leaving thousands of people, including Temple students, to find their own way around. Something isn't quite right here; let's try and determine where the break in the logic occurs. People who use Septa do not equal people with lots of money. People who work for Septa also do not equal people who make lots of money. People who ride Septa are probably sympathetic to people who work for Septa, in terms of getting screwed by the man every once in a while. People who work for Septa piss off people who ride Septa by deciding at 3 am, before the morning commute, to strike. Well, I think we've found the break in the logic.

So what now? Well, apparently the school is running shuttles up and down the length of Broad Street, although according to people we've spoken to, this BAC post, and this TTN video, they're running late and are often full.

In other news, if you want to read a really confusing article that involves Temple, the military, and clean energy, you may do so here. Something about how a Temple professor is helping the military understand how to get their energy usage under control.

Does anybody know Temple students Kelly Fowler and Erin Fedirko? If so, please give these Yankee fans an earful when you see 'em. Fowler was quoted in this article today saying "half the Phillies fans don't know about the game" and professing her love for the Yanks. She and Fedirko bought $300 tickets off of Stub Hub yesterday morning to go see game 5. Just like the Yankees, lots of spare cash lying around. And just like the Yankees, learning that money doesn't always buy you what you want.

And finally, we leave you with this video of our marching band..yes our marching band..playing Sum 41's fat lip at Navy. And yes, it's actually pretty damn cool and gets a rousing applause from the midshipmen.


Anonymous said...

Erin and Kelly are freshman..

Tara said...

get it DMB.