Saturday, May 9, 2009

The weekender


Oh, so much news, so much news.

First you've got the BAC with a nice post about how you can no longer park your car on the same block as Alter Hall's FOX SCHOOL OF BUSINESS aluminum letters. That would be on 13th street, which runs between Alter Hall and Tuttleman. The BAC brings up a good, and obvious point, that this is stupid as hell as parking on campus is already bad enough. Yorktown residents complain about Temple students parking in their neighborhood, students complain about their car getting broken into/smashed into/parked-in in places such as the dirt lot and at the intersection of 20th and Hood, but Temple will be damned if we park in front of those shiny, gaudy letters. Sorry BAC, we're stealing your ridiculously large photo because we're just too damn hungover to go get it ourselves. We'll send ya a fruit basket.

Read, or listen, to this story about Temple Professor Steven Kreinberg's "Art of Listening Class," a Boyer class designed to teach students about all kinds of unique and classical music. It includes a number of trips down to landmark performance centers in the city, and sounds perfect for anyone who already has or wants to gain an appreciation for less mainstream sound.

Temple gets mention in this article about philly area colleges trying to meet their enrollment goals. Temple's deposit rate is up 6% from last year, better than any other school. So yea, main campus is gonna be crowded as hell next year, again. Don't these pre-frosh know about the new no-parking on 13th street policy?

In sports, baseball lost to St. Louie 12-11 on Friday. In the Dad Vail Regatta, men's crew advanced three boats to today's competition, and the women 2. Finals should be underway by about noon today, so check the TU athletics website over the weekend to keep updated on how they're doing. Oh and peep this article on about how the Schuylkill was so shitty it was dangerous on Thursday, forcing changes to the Regatta's schedule. Our favorite: the 40 foot tree.

For this weekend, just a few things to keep an eye out for.

Weather: Saturday 80/59 mostly sunny. Sunday: 69/49 windy.


"The Fishtown Collective, a group of entrepreneurial Temple students, has created a venue to give young artists a showcase for their artistry. They will host the grand opening of their venue, at 1425 Front St., at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at an event titled "The Fishtown Collective Presents: A New Philadelphia." The opening includes a gallery showing by new artists followed by a concert featuring Toy Soldiers, the Armchairs, You, Me, & T.Rex, and Korf Means Tiger. Tickets: $5. Information: 914-261-6853 or "

Temple baseball vs. St Louie @ Ambler, Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm.

Oh, and don't forget that tomorrow (Sunday) is mother's something nice.

We'll see ya on Monday!

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