Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday night: procrastinator's purgatory

Another study day, another slow Temple news day.

However, there were a few things.

Temple journalism student and soon-to-be alumni Shannon McDonald had not one but TWO write-ups on today. The first article was a short opinion piece defending McDonald as just doing her job and also defends Officer Thrasher as a victim of political correctness. A second article fleshed out the story from beginning to end, and contains some interesting and insightful quotes from Ms. McDonald herself.

Also, as if this damn journalism field wasn't competitive enough, there was an article in today about a high school senior in Bucks county who won high school poet of the year. And guess what, she's coming to Temple to study journalism! Well hopefully she won't be applying to the same internships as the rest of us.

In sports, Temple baseball lost 8-3 after committing 5 errors and stranding 12 runners, while the Phils lost 1-0 to the mucking fets of New York.

And as if you needed any help being distracted from studying, since you're obviously reading this, here are some more surfing pleasures:

Check-out these Temple webcams and laugh at people caught in the rain! At temple, somebody is always watching.

Or, check out Temple's homepage on See anybody you know?

Best of luck on your all night cram session and we'll see ya in the morning!

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