Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hey folks sorry for the lack of posts over the last day or two but once again news was kinda slow. This will be the last post of the semester; over the summer we will be updating the blog once a week on Sunday nights, going over whatever news happened that week and stuff to look out for the following week. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for reading the Cherry and What? over the past semester; it's your showing up, voting, commenting, and e-mailing that keep us motivated, so thanks. We look forward to keeping you entertained and informed through next year.

So anyways, graduation! Today are the commencement exercises for the newest graduates of our university. Check out this blog post from earlier today for a quick peek.

Speaking of commencement, check out this article from the Temple Times profiling a number of our stand out seniors. Including Sergiiooooo Olmoossss. Olé.

Also from, check out this editorial sticking up for Shannon McDonald. The reporters at the paper have been great defending McDonald and her article that brought to light racist comments made by a Philadelphia Police Officer.

Marijuana!! Now with multiple sclerosis slowing abilities. That's right, Temple researchers found another use for chemicals in the drug: slowing down the over active immune system of a body suffering from MS. But don't legalize it... our society would collapse.

From the Temple Today: "Job Search Open House: 2-4 p.m. Mitten Hall, room 220. Open to: students. Stop by between Commencement ceremonies to learn how to make yourself stand out among other applicants and graduates."

Also, go to this website to vote for Temple University's comedy team as they battle against the University of Florida Hators for a right to go to a competition in Aspen. We watched both videos and definitely think TU's was better. But we didn't know that Jake Gyllenhaal was on our comedy team.

Thanks again for reading, we'll see ya next fall. Or Sunday, maybe then too. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Great job this semester! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Great job. Keep up the stellar work what and cherry or cherry and what.

Anonymous said...

Awesome site! I love this! Keep up the great writing :)

Anonymous said...

Jazz is like jello pudding.... You know the rest

Anonymous said...

what's shaking at temple this summer?

Anonymous said...

where are my promised sunday posts!!

Anonymous said...

check out the TSG blog for summer reading

or the tsg twitter

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