Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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Sorry, we know the posts are slowing down(we've got these damn final things too) but at least it allows the slow trickle of news in these closing days to accumulate to a bit of a puddle.

First you have this Temple Times article about "Paint the Town Cherry Week," Temple's week long celebration with colors everywhere and people wearing hoodie's and yadda yadda yadda I'M A TEMPLE OWL VIDEO CONTEST. The article posts links to the winners of the video contest, a challenge from the University to both undergraduate and alumni groups to create a school spirit video, and boy are the entries terrible. Below is the first place video from the undergraduate category by freshman Dan McKinney, which we believe won because it is the only one where the person actually appears to know what they are doing with a camera. We have also posted a mind-numbing entry that won 2nd place in the alumni category, because, well... you'll see. Check out the article to see the rest of the videos.


Also on the Temple Times was this article, which discusses the challenges of finding a job upon graduating from Temple and interviews Rachel Brown, director of Temple's career center. Brown provides some worthwhile tips so if you have any concern about the idea of finding a job you should take a look.

The Temple News' editorial board has found itself in a bit of a battle of wits with a local reporter. On May 5, the editorial board published this article, Grad Gripes, criticizing Temple for the selection of Ann Weaver Hart as our commencement speaker. The basic idea was that we are paying customers and deserve something a little more dazzling and memorable for our commencement speaker. Well apparently Inqy writer Daniel Rubin took issue with this, as he painted Temple students as whiny, drunk, naive individuals.

"I don't think these kids get it. Commencement speeches are supposed to be brutally dull. These speeches are not for you. They're for your funders, the folks sitting somewhere nearby...It's unlikely you will remember anything about the speech...It's likely you will be deeply hung over...[the] moment you flip that tassel from one side of your mortarboard to the other, the meter starts running. It's all on you now."

No Mr. Rubin, I don't think you get it. We just paid 4, many of us 5, years tuition and change on this University. It's not that we don't like Ann Weaver Hart, we just expect something more. We're sorry you didn't listen to your graduation speaker, but that has nothing to do with what we expect from ours. In case you didn't know, Temple students are known for their grit and drive, and we're aware of our responsibilities and the troubles that lie ahead; this ain't UPenn. Many Temple students already hold down part time jobs or take out ridiculous amounts of money in loans, so to act as if we have been living off of our parents for the past 4 years is pretty insulting. You're right though, we'll probably be hungover. We'll give ya that one.

Check out Temple News' return fire in their letter to the editor.

In sports, the Temple Athletics site has Women's Crew vs. Team Banquet- All Day. We're gonna put money down on the crew team here.

There is also another study abroad for dummies session in Tuttleman 200 from 1:10-1:40.

Good luck on your finals.

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