Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Weekender

And with that, the final full-fledged weekend of Temple's 08-09 school year has come to a close. Finals week will be busy for everyone, included the C&W staff, but keep a look-out this week for some posts looking back on the best and worst of the year.

This past weekend didn't offer too much news, but there were a couple things.

edit: Oh yea there was also this little thing called the Broad Street Run, an annual 10 mile race that draws thousands of competitors from all over the world. We kinda missed that. Check out pictures of the runners jamming up the streets of Temple's campus here, courtesy of Fun, Fitness, and Fresh-air.

Also, the swine flu is like, so last week. Now the C&W feels really dumb for freaking out and believing all of that hoopla. Oh wait, that was every single mass media outlet. New-era journalism: 1, newscorp: nil.

Then there was this article in about commencement speakers at college graduations. The gist of the article is that commencement speakers are scratching their heads at how to deliver a positive message given the current state(shitty) of the world. However, it also listed speakers at a bunch of universities. St. Joe's is getting Chris Matthews. Franklin and Marshall gets Colin Powell Bucknell gets Elie Wiesel. And Temple gets... Anthony Scirica, chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Oh goodie.

Also on, although not really related to Temple, a pitcher on a high school baseball team dropped an umpire with a vicious uppercut on the baseball field next to University Village. Apparently the trigger was a dispute over whether he was thrown out at second or not, but the C&W suspects that it might have something to do with the 23-4 score, with all 23 runs being the responsibility of said pitcher. The name also has not been released, but the C&W suspects it may be Chan Ho Park.

Sports: Friday- baseball lost 13-10 @ Richmond. Saturday: baseball won 8-3 @ Richmond. Sunday: baseball lost 8-6 @ Richmond, softball lost both games of a dub-header to St. Bonnie 4-3 & 5-1, eliminating them from playoff contention. All weekend: the men's and women's track team competed well in the A-10 championships, with the men's team taking third and the women's fourth. The men's team was led by junior Brad McFadden who won the 400m hurdles, while the women's team was paced by sophomore Paris Williams who won the 400m dash.

Tha-that's all folks, check back tomorrow morning for the weekly look-out.

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