Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Weather: Mid 50's and cloudy all day, chance of rain overnight.

Today marks the first of two study days leading up to finals, which begin Thursday. Some students will use this opportunity to catch up on all their work and prepare for finals. Most will sleep til 5 pm and then emerge to pack the tech center.

Also, check out the Temple News website for the new edition they just released. Check out this article on the lack of a motivating commencement speaker, I believe we said something about that too. Also, check out this article on a march for medical marijuana that took place down on South Street.

Take a look at this article on philly.com about Temple professor Marc Lamont Hill, perhaps the most well known Temple scholar. Hill is at the forefront of discussions involving race and hip-hop music, and the 4 page article does his cause and efforts justice.

What do you do when you get in a dispute over beer pong? Refer to the house rules right? Maybe play a rock papers scissors game to decide? This dude(not the guy to the right..that's Dr. Hill), well... he shoots and kills people. As reported by philly.com

Good stuff from the Temple Today:

Temple Health Services released this statement on the swine flu. Come on guys, that's like so last week. It says the University has no plans to change anything, don't cough on people, and if you puke, go to health services. Good lookin' out, Temple.
No sports.

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