Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday night

So the big story tonight was that today was the last day of classes. Students were rewarded with sunny, 80 degree weather and many laid out on Beury Beach to relax and take a breath of fresh air. Oh wait, no it actually rained all day and everyone got soaked. Oh well, at least classes are over with.

Study days(stupor days) are Tuesday and Wednesday, which means if you're not reading this, you're probably out drinking right now.

In other news students and administrators had a good-bye party for Dean Carry, who is heading to Auburn as previously reported on the C&W. We shall miss you.

Also, for the scholarly among you, you must be lost. No but seriously, this article in the Temple Times says that administrators are basically combing for students to apply for prestigious scholarships, so if you "have interesting ideas and experiences that they can share with the world" and a good GPA, might wanna check that out.

In philly news, check out this website for some "democratic art." In other words, you get to help pick which mural will be painted in the city. Prettty cooool.

In sports Temple baseball was cancelled, while the Phils won 6-1 against the cardinals.

Oh, and for some reason the Temple News website was down, we're guessing operatives from Harrisburg shut 'em down after their BAC post today criticized the state senate for threatening to cut 90 mil in funds over the new cell phone law.

See ya in the morning!


Anonymous said...

phils played and won last night pal.. get it right

CherryandWhat said...

Yea, we were misinformed and goofed on that one but corrected it at about midnight last night.

Anonymous said...

wild williams is an asshole