Thursday, May 7, 2009

Later Thursday.

Aren't finals fun??

In news today, it rained..again. When will it be nice again, you ask? Sunday, says; sunny and a high of 69.

Congrats to the Temple News who won an "EPpy" award for best college news website in the entire nation. And's an extremely legit award from Editor & Publisher that is given to all kinds of different media outlets, big and small. It's a great honor for a great job by the Temple News.

Also on the BAC today, an anonymous dude handed out some boycott letters at the SAC, protesting the food court. We don't wanna steal the EPpy winner's thunder so check out the letter at the link. Well it ain't exactly protesting the Iraq war but it's a start.

A few good stories from today. First, take a look at this article on an anonymous donor who sent $5,000,000 to Temple in the mail last winter (no, not in cash). Temple appears to be one of about 20 institutions around the nation who have received similar donations, all universities with a female president. This prompted to title the donor the "feminist fairy godmother." Ooook.

Also, check out this article about Temple football making the grade. The football team scored high enough marks to get them off the hook for infractions under the previous coach. Kudos to the coach and team, but somebody tell that to my football player lab partner who sleeps through class.

In news from the Temple Times, check out this article for details on next Thursday's commencement. "The graduates come from 82 nations and 47 states (including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia) and range in age from 20 to 77." Congrats grandpa.

Study up, and we'll see ya on day 2 of hell week.

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