Friday, February 19, 2010

The weekender

Congratulations, it's the mofo'n weekend.

Oh yea, Michelle Obama happened to swing by the Fresh Grocer today. Kinda a big deal?

Weather: Sunny and temps near the 40's. As far as February weekends in Philly go, this is about as good as it gets.

Check here for show times at the Pearl. However we must remind you that Shutter Island, the insane looking new Scorcese psychological thriller starring that dude who froze to death in Titanic came out today. For those who've missed it, the preview:


Really, not too much going on Saturday

The men's basketball team plays those damn St. Joe's Hawks at the historic Palestra on Upenn's campus. The only catch is that it's a noon tip-off, and riding subways hungover at 11 a.m. ain't exactly our thing. But we're doing it anyways. Stubhub. The game will also be broadcast on comcast sports net.

For the slightly more futbol inclined, the Philly KiXX have a home game at the Liacouras Center at 7:05. Tickets are only 9 bucks with your Owl card, and from what we hear the games are actually pretty entertaining to watch.

For the slightly more vagina inclined, the last showing of the Vagina Monologues takes the stage at 8 p.m. in the underground. Tickets are $5 with your student ID, which is cheaper than the cover at Show & Tell.



It's not really anything anybody will go to, but we've got a sweet spot for Lewis Black so we thought we'd throw out that he'll be in Princeton, NJ at 7:30. So if driving an hour and paying $45 dollars to see a comic on Sunday night is your thing, well then this is for you.

Also, let's take a second to give a hearty chuckle for listing John Mayer as funk. And then another just for John Mayer.

If ya know of anything else going on, be sure to let us know.

Go get that weekend.

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