Thursday, February 18, 2010

Helpful paper writing application for the ADD generation

We have a nice little tip for everyone out there who couldn't sit down and write a paper if their GPA depended on it.

No, it's not adderall... Although..

No, it's a free-to-download program called darkroom (for pcs) and its counterpart writeroom (for macs).

Essentially all the application does is turn your computer into an old school one. It fills the screen with darkness, so all you can see is text. The default text color is green, but you can change it to whatever you want. Turn your volume off, and you have a distraction free digital environment to let you focus on your work. We tried it, and it definitely helped to concentrate, especially because you feel super guilty every time you are tempted to close out the program just to go on Facebook.

It doesn't spell check, but it does let you save and has a wordcount feature.

Try it. If it fails, then go buy adderall.

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