Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursty Thirsday

And the college weekend has officially arrived.

So tonight's big story is media outlets catching on to Temple sophomore Tyler Grady (top right) making the round of 24 on American Idol. A quick google search of the dude turns up a bunch load of stuff, even though the Temple News has been on it since Tuesday. Technically Grady isn't enrolled at Temple since he took a semester off to pursue the show, but he's reppin' anyways. Grady's previous television experience was as a stunt double on that 70's show.

Feel like having your facebook habits instantly broken down? Check out this Temple Times article about a study done by Journalism chair Andrew Mendelson that examines why we college kids Fbook like we do. Basically, we're just tryin' to live the dream and aren't being realistic. Fortunately for us, we're having a lot of fun doing it.

The Broad & Cecil also sprung back into action today, letting us know that trash day has, in fact, returned. How'd they know I had 40's in my garbage?

Finally, for a quick chuckle check out the first response to this yahoo question "Is Temple University a dangerous school?" "I also read an article about a graduate student who was murdered there, the guy who did it said he did it "just because." I never considered applying there for that reason." Mmmhmmm. Happens all the time.

Go enjoy that Thursday!

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