Monday, February 15, 2010

Men's B-ball: Temple v. Rhode Island Recap

Temple 78, Rhode Island 56. All pictures taken via my shitty camera phone.

Shwooping. That pretty much sums up Temple’s 78-56 victory over the Rhode Island Rams on Saturday. Ramone Moore got the start over a hurt(?) Juan Fernandez and dropped in 12, while Michael Eric (19), Ryan Brooks (18), and Lavoy Allen (17) also scored in double digits. This game was over before half time, as Eric slammed home a shit load of dunks, Ramone Moore had a nice one of his own, and even resident scrappy-short-white-kid T.J. Dileo took a Fernandez alley-oop to the rim and brought the Liacouras Center to its feet.

It was also Hooter’s birthday, and every mascot within a 20 mile radius showed up to celebrate. 10 cool points to the first person who can identify what the hell that penguin was? At a number of time-outs, the mascots all took to the floor and awkwardly danced around, at one point causing one of the referees to flashback to an acid trip and immediately run from the arena.

The Philly Phanatic was also on hand, as can be seen in this picture where he is pimping it with the cheerleaders and Diamond Gems. At one point he was booed by a Mets fan in the student section, who then remembered that the Phillies have been owning his team and STFUed.

Other notables: The Owls had their highest shooting percentage ever (68.6%)... Hooter’s birthday hat looked ridiculous… The victory gives Temple’s its third straight 20 win season. A few white Temple students in the bottom of the student section held up raised fists during the national anthem, exposing themselves as ignorant douchebags for the 12th straight home game.

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