Thursday, February 18, 2010


Weather: Slightly warmer today with the temp hanging up near 40 degrees and sunny, falling to the low 30's overnight. Hopefully this means a lot of this snow will start to gtfo.

And now for a message from PRSSA, which we assume stands for either Public Relations Students Society of America or the Pterodactyl Reconnaissance Squad of South America: PRSSA is having a fundraiser at Mad River Bar and Grille in Old City on Thursday from 8 p.m.-12 a.m. $3 to enter, drink specials and half price appetizers all night! Some proceeds from the fundraisers will go towards raising money for Relay for Life.

Stuff going on at Temple:

Slept with some interesting people in the past few months? Have no fear, free HIV testing in the HEART office is here.

Are you about to graduate and have recently realized you have no idea what you're going to do about finding one of afterwards? Might wanna swing by the career fair from 12-4 in the SAC 200, and a tie would be nice. The career center website has more details and a list of employers.

The engineering schools continues their week of putting cool shit on display as they demonstrate a hybrid electric fuel cell. This cell, used to power eco-friendly cars, runs on internal combustion, electricity, and our personal favorite, PEM fuel cells.

There is also a lecture titled "'The Soul is the Prison of the Body:’ Pedagogy and Punishment in Allegorical Debates Between Body and Soul" given by Masha Raskolnikov of Cornell University. We'd make a joke, but you're probably already amused.

Tonight is also the open dress rehearsal of the vagina monologues. Ba dun chh.

Stuff going on elsewhere:

Phillies individual game tickets went on sale today at 8 am. Opening day is already sold out, and we're having a hard time getting through to buy tickets. Still, give it a go.

Citizen Cope at the TLA. Unfortunately it's also $30, so nobody is going to go.

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