Monday, February 15, 2010

And we're back..

Welcome back to the Cherry and What, C&W readers.

"So uh, what the hell man, what's going on?"

So as you know we took a hiatus, but we've been busy hitting the 'ol drawing board and rethinking what we're gonna do with the site and content. It wouldn't have taken as long, except we've also been doing a whole lot of that school and partying stuff too. But we're back now, and we've got big things happening.

"Hey dude... your site looks exactly the same."

Yes, but not for long. We're currently about 63.4% done with the new site, and expect it to be up and running within a week. It's going to be an upgrade over this one, with room for multiple pages and photo slideshows and all sorts of fun, pseudo-journalistic stuff. You can see a little teaser here, featuring a completely random picture of pre-incarceration Dionte Christmas.

"I don't care about how your web page looks, I just want to read some good stuff."

Aw shucks, thanks for seeing the inner beauty, your mother must be proud. In addition to the new site, we're gonna do our best to bring you a lot of extra content, and more closely and expansively cover Temple. No, we're not gonna do what the Temple News does, because they're already good as shit at that, but Temple is certainly big and entertaining enough that we can let ya know about some things that might otherwise go unnoticed.

"Who are you Katie Couric? I'm just looking for some laughs."

Nah dude, we're just thinking big. The C&W is still gonna provide you with the same daily har-hars and news that we were before. See that comic snippet? That will be you. Creeping from behind the tree.

Thanks for checking back-in, enjoy.

Additional questions or concerns can be mailed via envelope to:

Ann Weaver Hart
1940 Liacouras Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19122

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