Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peace out humpday

So that'll do it for humpday. As it usually the case on this droll day, nothing really happened. Really.

The big news is that the men's and women's basketball teams both took care of business. The men's team shwooped up on a pretty bad St. Bonaventure team 73-55. (further research indicates that St. Bonaventure is actually located in Western China). Ramone Moore, shown here in this picture we jacked from google, led the Owls with a career high 18 points. The women's team took out a pretty good (2nd place in A-10) Duquesne team at the Liacouras Center, 52-41, for their 20th win of the season.

In other Temple news, the Computer Recycling Center is again getting some press, this time from the Environmental Protection Agency. Today the CRC, which recycles thousands of otherwise junkable computers, printers, monitors, and robots every year, showed other colleges in the region how it's done. So next time you get your laptop swiped, check out the CRC.

Finally, check out this article on first lady Obama visiting Philly on Friday to talk about some supermarkets and shit. The article quotes a Temple study that found a link between childhood obesity and the high calorie products that are sold in corner stores near school. The article discusses initiatives that exist to replace these stores with healthier foods, in edition to building supermarkets in under-served areas (The Fresh Grocer at Temple, for example).

In addition, the staff of the C&W got in a verbal altercation today when discussing the most forgotten state in the U.S., and decided to let the extremely intelligent readers of the Cherry and What decide which state takes the cake by posting a completely random poll on the SITE.

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biracial said...

the second link sends you to the first article about the EPA not anything about michelle obama