Friday, February 19, 2010

Aaand it's Friday

You've made it. Week 5 of 15 down.

Weather: Pretty much the same as yesterday with temps near 40 and the sun out to help melt some more snow.

What's going on at Temple:

Once again the Engineering school is providing some entertainment as part of National Engineering week:

Virtual play-doh
: They somehow rigged a system where people can manipulate two wiimotes and sculpt virtual play-doh on screen. Oh yea and it's in 3d.

Environmental seminar
: Get your daily dose of sustainability (just as important as flintstones vitamins) as dudes from the regional planning center talk about how to grow the city without hurting mother nature's feelings. Did I mention free pizza?

Women's tennis takes on the Drexel Dragons at 12:30. Fortunately for Temple, dragons are only their mascot.

The vagina monologues are in full swing, and tonight's show runs from 8-10. Tickets are just 5 bucks for students.

Stuff going on elsewhere:

The Sixers are hosting the San Antonio Spurs in a 7 pm game. History has shown they will probably lose.

Also, happy birthday to Seal.

We'll see ya in the evening for your news and weekender.

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