Monday, March 30, 2009

The Weekender

So the big news this weekend...HAIL! Please excuse my annoying and weird housemate...

Wasn't that fun.

In news around Temple...

-Relay for Life took place from Friday night to Saturday morning. I was away from campus but my friends who went said it was a big success and a great time, especially due to the free Red Bull that was available. Check out a photo slide show courtesy of the Temple News, by Julia Wilkinson and photographer Jake B. Siemiarowski.

- The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts retaliated in the new art war against Temple's Tyler school of art. In case you missed the story this past week, our Tyler students made TU proud by going all secret agent and sneaking Trojan horse sculptures onto other Philly art campuses as "an act of war." The first to retaliate was PAFA, which somehow snuck a life-sized Helen of Troy sculpture standing atop a chariot made from the deconstructed Trojan Horse onto the first floor of the Tyler building. During its inaugural ribbon ceremony, no less! As reported by the Temple Times. Attached was a note that read:

Dear Temple School of Art,

We regret to inform you that your recent submission of “Trojan Horse” was not selected for our museum collection. We are returning your artwork in its entirety along with some slight modifications.

We have added a cast of Helen of Troy to illustrate how once again beauty defeated the beast.

Only time will tell who the true victors of this art war” will be, but for the past 200 years this has been our city. Nevertheless, welcome to Troy.


Now let’s get back to studying art, not war.

Love, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

This means war!

In sports on Friday the women's tennis team spanked St. Hoe's 7-0, men's tennis shwooped UC Riverside 6-1, women's lacrosse got shwooped by St. Hoe's 15-6, softball laid an egg in losing to Charlotte 4-0, and baseball won both games in a double header against La Salle, 11-9 and 5-2. On Saturday, the women's and men's track teams competed in the Danny Curran Invitational and won some stuff, the golf team placed 12 of 19 in the Furman Invitational, softball picked up a rare 3-2 win over Charlotte, baseball won 10-3 over La Salle, and the men's and women's crew teams did pretty well at the Murphy Cup.

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