Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Night Cap..TU Action Wins VP Debate 5.5 to 5!

So today's big headline was the TU Action student government ticket picking up a close win in the vice presidential debates. The winners were Jon Desantis, candidate for vp of services, and Anthony Leyro, candidate for vp of external affairs. The losers were TU Dream team and their vps Kevin Gerard, candidate for vp of external affairs, and Alex Barnett, candidate for vp services. TU Action pulled out a close victory on the Cherry and What's scoreboard, 5 & 1/2 to 5. Check out the C&W's post on the background of the tickets here. You can check out a detailed description of the debates below.

In a quick description, TU Action's main strength and rallying cry was just that, action. Desantis performed the strongest of any of the candidates, and usually had good, tangible ideas and goals for services. Leyro was unimpressive, as he often gave stock or bare minimum answers, as well as the only answer that was so bad it resulted in the reduction of a point.

TU Dream Team's main strength and rallying point was communication. It came across in almost every answer that they would work to improve communication between TSG, students, and administrators, mostly through the use of a website with forums and shoutboxes. While this was a strong idea, they rode it too heavily, and it dragged their message down towards the end of the debate.

In other news, remember, if you have 69 credits under your belt registration for classes opens at midnight tonight.

Here are the results for sports today:

Baseball took a 7-4 loss to Penn State at Skip Wilson Field today todrop their record to 8-11.

The women's tennis team picked up a 6-1 win at UMBC, their third straight, to run their record to 11-5.

Women's lacrosse lost 13-4 at #9 Princeton and still remain winless on the year, 0-7.

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