Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday

So the big news for Monday is....that it's over. No news on Temple News, Temple Times, or, no sports, no crazy happenings. So for your enjoyment I give you the highlights of the latest(now second latest-10:57 tuesday) crime report, courtesy of TUPD via the Temple News.

6 Thefts
5 Break-ins
4 Students hospitalized for alcohol
3 Harassment
1 Theft
1 Mugging

Biggest FML: Some guy's car got broken into at 9th and Norris, damaging his steering column and stealing an Ipod, cd player, alarm, and antenna.

Dumbassery award: Student busted trying to leave food court without paying. Referred to UDC.

Silly freshman award of the week: Underage students tried to get into White Hall with 10 bottles of beer and got caught. 10 beers? Sounds like they got shwooped by the security guards fake bribing them for some of the 12 pack.

Also, calling out the Broad&Cecil blog on TTN's website, since when did they start advertising Pub Webb? However, props to them, through contributor Ashley Nguyen, for the post questioning Temple's 125 year anniversary campaign. Main points: why is the University continuing to advertise for its campaign at $50 a pop for a subway sign when they are in a budget crisis? Also, are the ads advertising all of the money and development that Temple rakes in to North Philadelphia directed towards the locals who would more or less like to see Temple, and it's damn partying students, fall into a black hole?

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